Jamdani saree online – The traditional art of Bengal

jamdani saree online
Jamdani saree online is a beautifully patterned, sheer cotton fabric, traditionally woven on a handloom by craftspeople around Dhaka. Jamdani textile combines intricacy of design with muted or vibrant colours, and the finished garments are highly breathable. Jamdani is a time consuming and labour intensive form of weaving procedure because of the richness of its motifs, which are created directly on the loom using the discontinuous weft technique. Weaving is thriving today due to the fabric’s popularity for making sarees. The Jamdani saree is a symbol of identity, self-recognition and dignity and provides wearers a sense of cultural identity and social cohesion. The weavers develop an occupational identity and feels proud in their heritage; they enjoy social recognition and are highly appreciated for their skills. A few master weavers are  bearers of the traditional Jamdani weaving techniques, and transmit the knowledge and skills to their disciples. However, Jamdani weaving is p...
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